Apply for the 2020 SolidProfessor Business Training Grant

This year has been tough on a lot of businesses. Many engineering teams have had to put training on hold due to financial constraints and in-person sessions being canceled. But as the status quo continues to shift, we don’t want your team to fall behind.

The SolidProfessor Business Training Grant will help your engineering design team stay sharp, productive, and resilient with online training. Our training grant provides 30 days of free access to our online training platform and all business features, including custom training tools and reporting dashboards.*

Apply today and get your team’s CAD, CAM, and BIM skills back on track.

Questions? Read our FAQs.

*Please note that existing SolidProfessor members are not eligible for this training grant.


View on-demand video courses in SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, Mastercam, and many more.

Fundamental design methods

Train new hires or have seasoned employees refresh their knowledge on GD&T, FEA, and DFAM.

Track training impact

Track progress, set baseline tests, and encourage your team to earn Technical Certificates.

What is a business training grant?

A business training grant provides funding or other resources to businesses so that they can train their employees.

What does the SolidProfessor Business Training Grant provide?

The SolidProfessor Business Training Grant provides engineering teams with free access to our entire online learning platform for 30 days. SolidProfessor’s online training platform includes over 350 video courses on CAD, CAM, BIM, and engineering methods and theories. Grant recipients will also have access to all SolidProfessor for Business features including reporting tools, progress tracking, and more.

Who is eligible for the 2020 SolidProfessor Business Training Grant?

Any business, large or small, is eligible to receive this training grant as long as a minimum of three employees participate (Note: This can include one team admin and two users.) You must apply by 12/31/2020 to be eligible to receive the grant.

Existing SolidProfessor members, K-12 and postsecondary schools are not eligible for this grant.

How do I apply for the business training grant?

Simply complete the form on this page by 12/31/2020 to apply for the training grant. Only one employee from your organization needs to complete the application.

Once we receive your application, we’ll get back to you within two business days.

What happens if my team needs more training after the 30-day period ends?

If you would like to keep your access to SolidProfessor after 30 days, our team will be happy to work with you to determine a plan that works for your timeline and budget. You won’t lose any of your team’s progress.